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Handy Topics in the Curriculum Department: Test Collection

Looking for a certain theme for items in the various collections in the Curriculum Department? Start here!

Who can check out tests?

Graduate students from the CDIS and CSP programs that are eligible to check out tests in the current semester are on a list provided by those departments.  If your name is not on the approved list and you feel that it should be, have your professors contact Rochelle Krueger.

Faculty members from CDIS and CSP are also eligible to check out these items.

If you are wanting to check a test out, please see a member of the Curriculum Department staff.  If no one is available, please go to the Circulation Desk for assistance.  You will need to have photo ID with you before you can access to these materials.

Can't find a test on the list?

If you can't find a specific test on the list, please use your browser's Search/Find on Page function.  Not all acronyms are at the beginning of the test name.

Still not seeing it?  Please check our catalog!

Items in the Test Collection

Curriculum Associate