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Music, Theatre & Dance: Catalog

Searching the Library catalogs

LOPERSearch exists in two versions:  the first is a simple search box located near the top of the Library's home page.  This version works much like a general Web search engine, an important difference being that LOPERSearch finds published materials rather than random (and often marginally useful) Web pages.

There is also a second version of LOPERSearch located under the Find Resources tab on the lower left side of the Library home page.  The second version uses a drop-down selector to search by keyword, author or title.  An advanced search box is also available from a text link, providing eight selectors from a drop-down list, plus several other selection aids from a single screen.  

Both versions of LOPERSearch retrieve book, e-book and article citations and links from many sources.  There are also two click boxes on the left side of the page that act to restrict the search.  One limits to items Available through UNK Library, while the second limits to Catalog Records Only (No articles -- only books, e-books, musical scores, DVDs, educational games, and other cataloged items).

For especially concise searching, try using the Subject headings that appear under the link by that name on the left hand side of the results screen when using LOPERSearch or the Advanced version of LOPERSearch.

The Classic Catalog has a simple default keyword search box, but also has ten different search categories, including a powerful Advanced Keyword Search that permits use of multiple selection factors from a single screen.  When using the Advanced Keyword Search, please note that there is a click box to Limit the search to available items. 

Please use the Ask a Librarian link from the Library's home page if you need assistance searching the catalog. 


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