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Music, Theatre & Dance: Online Reference

Online Reference for Music & Music History

Online reference works for Music, Music History and Biography, and related performing arts may be accessed from the links below.  Please note that these electronic items represent only part of all the reference materials on music.  Please Ask a Librarian if you need assistance to locate other materials.

Bourn, J. (2008).  Opera: the great composers and their masterworks. London: Octopus Publishing Group.

Gallagher, M. (2009). The Music Tech Dictionary : A Glossary of Audio-related Terms and Technologies. Boston, MA: Course PTR.

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Unger, M.P.  (2010).  Historical dictionary of choral music [electronic resource].  Lanham: Scarecrow Press.

Reference for Theatre & Dance

Reference works for Theatre and Dance may be accessed from the links below.  Please note that these items represent only part of the printed and electronic materials available to support Theatre and Dance. Please Ask a Librarian if you need assistance to locate printed or electronic books, journal articles, or other materials needed for your projects or papers. 

Bordman, G. M., & Hischak, T. S. (2004). Oxford companion to American theatre. New York: Oxford University Press. 

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Law, J. (2011). The Methuen drama dictionary of the theatre. London: Methuen Drama. 

Swain, R. (2011). Directing - a handbook for emerging theatre directors. London, England: Methuen Drama.