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Music, Theatre & Dance: Databases

Accessing Databases

Databases that are especially useful for students in Music and related Performing Artse are available from this link.  

The Library Music Source, for example, includes more than 35,000 Classical music scores, printable in PDF format.

The Naxos Music Library includes the online streaming equivalent of 128,000 music discs, including more than 1,900,000 music tracks, in addition to biographies, discographies and a basic music curriculum for Kindergarten through Grade 12.  (Because the number of simultaneous users of this database has limits, always remember to sign out of Naxos by clicking the red Log-Out button at the top of the screen).

When you click on the title of one of the databases in this list from off campus, you will be required to "authenticate," that is, to identify yourself as a UNK student.  Authentication is required by all our suppliers of subscription databases and other electronic subscription resources.

When you supply the requested information, you are supplying the same EASI username and EASI password information required to log into My Library Account

If you accidentally close the entire browser, you may be able to immediately log back into a database without re-authenticating, but that has to be done very quickly.  Otherwise, you will have to re-authenticate before being able to continue.

If you experience problems logging into the databases, please call the Library Circulation Desk at (308) 865-8599 or Library Reference at 308-865-8586.

In order to access the databases, you must be a currently-enrolled student.  (On occasion, graduate students may be considered continuing students by the department, but may not be continuously enrolled -- for example, when working on a thesis or graduate report). 

Special Purpose Databases

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