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Lesson Plan Display

Every month, the Curriculum department features materials that can be used to develop lessons plans for Preschool through 12th grade.

This month's topic is:

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The display is located in the department, right in front of the Curriculum Meeting Room.

All items are available to check out.


The Curriculum Area:

  • provides support to the College of Education in its goal of graduating candidates who are knowledgeable and effective practitioners;
  • supports the English Department in their courses instructing in the critical analysis of juvenile literature.

Curriculum and media collections

Curriculum and media collections are located on the lower level of the library and include:

  • an extensive Juvenile Literature Collection;
  • pre-K through 12th grade textbooks, covering many subject areas and representing many major textbook publishers;
  • educational games;
  • study prints, including Jackdaws, which are instruction aids including replicas of historical primary source materials;
  • lesson planning, curriculum resources, and practical classroom management materials;
  • DVDs and videos;
  • audio recordings;
  • math and science manipulatives;
  • art prints;
  • and more.



The library facility includes approximately 90 computers with a suite of office applications available to patrons to prepare documents, such as presentations, research reports, or, to access the Internet. Calvin T. Ryan’s catalog and the majority of the holdings in the library are indexed in an online catalog. E-books, journals, and other electronic resources are available through the catalog by faculty and students from any computer with Internet access, throughout the world.

Study rooms and a classroom provide spaces for students to practice presentations in an educational setting. Audio-visual equipment also facilitates classroom preparation and opportunities to view the electronic media maintained by the library.

Reference service is available in person, via email, and through a chat service. As with the library’s digital resources, chat based reference service is available from any computer with Internet access, throughout the world. In addition to the Calvin T. Ryan Library reference staff, expert reference librarians from other institutions provide back-up reference service. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Rochelle Krueger is the librarian responsible for the Curriculum area. Sharon Kofoed is the Curriculum Associate. The Curriculum personnel offices are located on the lower level of the library.

Rochelle Krueger also serves as liaison to the Communication Disorders Department, Counseling and School Psychology Department, Teacher Education Department, and the juvenile literature instructors of the English Department.