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Health Information

LIbrary Policy Related to Covid 19

  • Entrance to the Calvin T. Ryan Library building is limited to:
    • UNK students, faculty, and staff
    • students, faculty and staff from Central Community College-Kearney
    • students, faculty and staff from UNMC Health Sciences Complex
  • Other non-UNK users are restricted to access by appointment only, with the expectation that those requesting appointments have a need that can only be met in person at the UNK Library.
  • Masks/Face Guards covering the mouth and nose, in accordance with current UNK campus guidelines, must be worn at all times when in public places in the building.
  • No food or drinks are to be brought into the building.
  • Social distancing guidelines should be followed.
  • Posted Occupancy numbers should be observed.
  • Posted guidelines regarding use of tables and other study areas should be followed.