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Handy Topics in the Curriculum Department

Looking for a certain theme for items in the various collections in the Curriculum Department? Start here!

What does this area look like?

The majority of the Realia Collection can be found on the shelf:

Realia 16, the "4-in-1 Therapy Center," can be found at the base of one of the aisles in the main walkway that runs down the area where you can find the Textbooks, Juvenile Literature, and the various non-book collections:

About this page

Welcome to the Realia page.

Here, you will find information on Handy Topics related to Realia.  These items can be located in the back corner of the area of shelves that hold the Curriculum Department's various Non-Book collections (i.e. CDs, DVDs, Manipulatives, etc) next to the Tape Cassetes and Videos.

Curriculum Associate