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International Studies

This guide is intended to assist students in the International Studies B.A. or minor program locate library materials that they need to support their coursework.

Using the Journal Finder

The Journal Finder is located under the green Find Resources tab at the lower left side of the library home page. 

To use the Journal Finder, first click on the blue Journals text link.  You can use the Journal Finder commands in English, or use the language drop-down list to choose the language of your choice.

You can also use the Title begins with drop-down to set up your search options.  Then simply begin by typing the title or as much of the title that you know into the query box, and click the Search button.

You may also browse the names of the full-text journals by title by clicking on the appropriate letter of the alphabet.

Another way to use the journal finder is to click on the Please select a subject category drop-down list to choose an appropriate journal category.

For more information, click on the Searching the Journal Finder link in the Lesson 4 of the the Guest Version of the Library Research Tutorial.