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Library Print/Copy Refund Policy: Home

Library print refunds

Library Print/Copy Refund Policy

UNK Uniprint Refunds

Refunds are given to patrons for library equipment malfunctions or system errors.

Examples include:

  • a misfeed where the remaining prints are not produced
  • the toner does not print evenly on the page
  • shadows print on the page

To receive a refund the patron must present pages indicating equipment issues. 

Paper jams must be reported to the Circulation Desk and cleared by Circulation staff.

Refunds will not be given when several blank pages are printed. This is an operator error, not an equipment malfunction.  To prevent errors examine print preview before the print job is sent.  (Signs are at each computer workstation.)  Also confirm the price of the print job BEFORE the job is printed.

Refunds to students can be made to plan 61 of their print account in CS Gold.  Community user refunds must be made from the refund box. 

Patron complaints can be directed to the Library Dean.

This policy is approved by Janet Stoeger Wilke, Library Dean, November 7, 2017.

Refunds on Wepa print stations

Follow this link for information