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Book Displays

Title Author Call Number
2 x 2 = boo! : a set of spooky multiplication stories Leedy, Loreen. + QA115 .L443 1995
501 fun-to-make family crafts   Curr TT157 .A19 2001
A break with charity : a story about the Salem witch trials Rinaldi, Ann. + PZ7.R459 Br 1992
A creepy countdown Huck, Charlotte S. + PZ8.3.H853 Cr 1998
A gift for Abuelita : celebrating the Day of the Dead Luenn, Nancy. + PZ73 .L814 1998
Aliens & UFOs : 21 famous UFO sightings--with exercises for developing reading comprehension and critical thinking skills   Curr PE1121 .A54 1999
Aliens are coming! : the true account of the 1938 War of the worlds radio broadcast McCarthy, Meghan. + PN1991.77.W3 M43 2006
All Hallows' Eve : 13 stories Vande Velde, Vivian. + PZ7.V2773 All 2006
American pageant   # E178.H684 A473 2002 gr.11-12
Apparitions : 21 stories of ghosts, spirits, and mysterious manifestations--with exercises for developing reading comprehension and critical thinking skills   Curr PE1121 .A66 1999
Calavera abecedario : a Day of the Dead alphabet book Winter, Jeanette. + GT4995.A4 W56 2006
Celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead with Cristina and her blue bunny Campoy, F. Isabel. + PZ7.C16153 Cel 2006
Cinderella Skeleton San Souci, Robert D. + PZ8.3.S1947 Ci 2000
Clatter bash! : a Day of the Dead celebration Keep, Richard Cleminson. + PZ8.3.K266 Cl 2004
Creating America: a history of the United States: beginnings through reconstruction   # E178.M336 C7432 2005 gr.6-9
Creative resources for the early childhood classroom Herr, Judy. Curr LB1140.4 .H47 2009
Days of the dead : a living tradition   DVD GT4995.A4 D39 2005
Dr. Ernest Drake's dragonology : the complete book of dragons Drake, Ernest. + GR830.D7 D74 2003
Dread nation Ireland, Justina, + PZ7.I6274 Dr 2018
Druscilla's Halloween Walker, Sally M. + PZ7.W153845 Dru 2009
Día de los Muertos Thong, Roseanne, . + GT4995.A4 T56 2015
Día de los Muertos Eliot, Hannah, + GT4995.A4 E54 2018
Even more everyday science mysteries : stories for inquiry-based science teaching Konicek-Moran, Richard. Curr Q175 .K6628 2010
Fairy spell : how two girls convinced the world that fairies are real Nobleman, Marc Tyler, + BF1552 .N63 2018
Festival of the bones : the little-bitty book for the day of the dead = El festival de las calaveras San Vicente, Luis. + GT4995.A4 S2513 2002
Fright Club Long, Ethan, , illustrator. + PZ7.L8453 Fr 2015
Fun for kidz   Curr AP201 .H67
Funny bones : Posada and his Day of the Dead calaveras Tonatiuh, Duncan, . + NE546.P6 T65 2015
Ghost stories   + PZ5 .G333 1993
Ghosts Telgemeier, Raina, , illustrator + PZ7.7.T45 Gh 2016
Ginny Goblin cannot have a monster for a pet Goodner, David, + PZ7.1.G6543 Gih 2019
Goosebumps : Scary summer   + PZ7.7 .S23 2007
Half-minute horrors   + PZ5 .H147 2009
Hallowilloween : nefarious silliness from Calef Brown Brown, Calef. + PS3552.R68525 H36 2010
Happy Halloween, Curious George Raymond, N. T. + PZ8.3.R2334 Hap 2008
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone Rowling, J. K. + PZ7.R79835 Har 2015
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone Rowling, J. K. CD PZ7.R79835 Har 1999
Heidi Heckelbeck in disguise Coven, Wanda, + PZ7.C83393 Hh 2012
Highlights for children   Curr AP201 .H45
Hocus pocus & the all-new sequel Jantha, A. W., + PZ7.1.J3887 Hoc 2018
Holiday and seasonal chipper chat. : Open-ended game boards   Game 424
Holt McDougal literature   # PN6110.H658 H658 2012
Horror classics   + PN6071.H727 H637 2004
Houghton mifflin social studies   # H95.H684 H684 2008
Humpty Dumpty's magazine   Curr AP201 .H85
I walk in dread : the diary of Deliverance Trembley, witness to the Salem witch trials Fraustino, Lisa Rowe. + PZ7.F8655 Iae 2011
I'll haunt you! : meet a ghost Knudsen, Shannon, 1971- + BF1461 .K58 2015
I'm a Midnight Snacker! : meet a vampire Bullard, Lisa. + BF1556 .B85 2015
I'm a fire breather! : meet a dragon Knudsen, Shannon, 1971- + GR830.D7 Z35 2015
I'm all wrapped up! : meet a mummy Knudsen, Shannon, 1971- + GN293 .K68 2015
I'm casting a spell! : meet a fairy tale witch Bullard, Lisa. + BF1566 .B79 2015
I'm fearsome and furry! : meet a werewolf Bullard, Lisa. + GR830.W4 B85 2015
I'm from outer space! : meet an alien Bullard, Lisa. + TL789.2 .B85 2015
Into literature   #PN6110.H684 I586 2020
J is for jack-o-lantern : a Halloween alphabet Brennan-Nelson, Denise. + GT4965 .B74 2009
Jack and Jill   Curr AP200 .J32
Little Skeletons : countdown to midnight = Esqueletitos : un libro para contar en el Día de los Muertos Jaramillo, Susie, , illustrator + PZ74.3.J38 Li 2017
Los gatos black on Halloween Montes, Marisa. + PZ8.3.M775 Gat 2006
Mary who wrote Frankenstein Bailey, Linda, 1948- + PR5398 .B34 2018
Mary's monster : love, madness, and how Mary Shelley created Frankenstein Judge, Lita, , illustrator + PR5398 .J83 2018
Mitchell on the moon Alley, R. W., 1955- , illustrator. + PZ7.A4393 Mit 2016
Mommy? Sendak, Maurice. + PZ7.S47 Mo 2006
Mouse and Mole, a perfect Halloween Yee, Wong Herbert. + PZ7.Y3655 Mjp 2011
National geographic kids   Curr G1 .N3252
Out of Salem Schrieve, Hal, + PS3619.C4643 O98 2019
Pablo remembers : the fiesta of the Day of the Dead Ancona, George. + F1210 .A75 1993
Peanut butter & aliens : a zombie culinary tale McGee, Joe, 1972- + PZ7.1.M435 Pb 2017
Peanut butter and brains McGee, Joe, 1972- + PZ7.1.M435 Pe 2015
Peanuts 1960's collection   DVD PN1992.8.A59 P43 2009
Petal and Poppy and the spooky Halloween! Jahn-Clough, Lisa, . + PZ7.J153536 Pfs 2014
Poetry fun by the ton with Jack Prelutsky Potts, Cheryl, 1953- Curr LB1576 .P68 1995
Princess Posey and the monster stew Greene, Stephanie, + PZ7.G8434 Pp 2012
Pumpkinheads : a graphic novel Rowell, Rainbow, + PZ7.7.R6855 Pu 2019
Salem witch - Elizabeth's story ; Salem witch - George's story Hermes, Patricia. + PZ7.H4317 Sa 2006
Say cheese and die! Stine, R. L. + PZ7.S86037 Say 2015
Scaredy Squirrel prepares for Halloween : [a safety guide for scaredies] Watt, Mélanie, 1975- + PZ7.W3323 Sca 2013
She made a monster : how Mary Shelley created Frankenstein Fulton, Lynn, + PR5397.F73 F85 2018
Slathbog's gold Forman, Mark, 1964- + PZ7.F7653 Sl 2009
Smarter than a monster : a survival guide Mull, Brandon, 1974- + PZ7.M9112 Sm 2019
Special days Kinder, Brian. CD M1997.K56 S64 2002
Spooked! : how a radio broadcast and the War of the worlds sparked the 1938 invasion of America Jarrow, Gail, + PN1991.77.W3 J37 2018
Tacky and the haunted igloo Lester, Helen. + PZ7.L56285 Taath 2015
Teaching with Harry Potter : essays on classroom wizardry from elementary school to college   Curr PR6068.O93 Z8885 2013
Ten orange pumpkins : a counting book Savage, Stephen, 1965- , illustrator. + PZ8.3.S2454 Te 2013
The Canterville ghost : the graphic novel Wilson, Seán Michael. + PN6737.W55 C36 2011
The days of the dead : a curriculum resource Mack, Stevie. Curr GT4995.A4 M33 1998
The experiments of Doctor Vermin Egan, Tim, 1957- + PZ7.E2815 Ex 2002
The fairy ring, or, Elsie and Frances fool the world Losure, Mary. + BF1552 .L67 2012
The legend of Sleepy Hollow Irving, Washington, 1783-1859. + PZ7.I68 Le 2007
The monstrumologist Henry, William James. + PZ7.Y19197 Mon 2009
The night before Halloween Wing, Natasha, + PZ8.3.W7185 Ni 1999
The restless dead : ten original stories of the supernatural   + PZ5 .R355 2007
The spirit of Tío Fernando : a Day of the Dead story Levy, Janice. + PZ73 .L485 1995
The story of Halloween Greene, Carol. + GT4965 .G74 2004
The strange true tale of Frankenstein's creator Mary Shelley Reef, Catherine, + PR5398 .R44 2018
There was an old mummy who swallowed a spider Ward, Jennifer, 1963- + PZ8.3.W2135 Thjs 2015
Took : a ghost story Hahn, Mary Downing, + PZ7.H1256 To 2015
Trick Arrr treat : a pirate halloween Kimmelman, Leslie, . + PZ8.3.K5598 Tr 2015
Trick or treat Landry, Leo. + PZ7.L2317357 Tr 2012
Trick-or-treat! : a happy haunter's Halloween Leppanen, Debbie, + PS3612.E63 T75 2013
True heroes : a treasury of modern-day fairy tales written by best-selling authors   + PZ5 .T788 2015
Two and twenty dark tales : dark retellings of Mother Goose rhymes   + PZ5 .T885 2012
Vampire stories   + PZ5 .V274 2004
Welcome to dead house Stine, R. L. + PZ7.S86037 Wel 2015
What will you be for Halloween? Todd, Mark, 1970- + PZ8.3.T562 Wh 2001
Wicked girls : a novel of the Salem witch trials Hemphill, Stephanie, . + PZ7.5.H44 Wi 2013
Witch-hunt : mysteries of the Salem witch trials Aronson, Marc. + KFM2478.8.W5 A76 2003
Wizardology : the book of the secrets of Merlin Steer, Dugald. + BF1611 .S796 2005
Zombie makers : true stories of nature's undead Johnson, Rebecca L. + QL757 .J597 2013