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Help with podcasting

Parts of a Podcast

A coherent podcast has several parts. Not all are required for every podcast; these are provided as a guide for creating a quality finished product. See Podcast: Learn How to Stop Babbling & Start Podcasting Like a Pro by Mike Eiman (call #: TK5105.887 .E36 2017) for more details, including exercises to help you figure out what mood you want your podcast to have and examples of scripts.

  1. Intro
    • Opening music - see 
    • Name of your podcast
    • Who you are and the purpose of the podcast
  2. Welcome to the Show
    • Brief description of podcast (if not included in intro)
    • Short summary of what you're going to talk about in this episode
  3. Transition
    • Use a combination of words, music and/or sound effects to let people know you're moving on.
    • Can be as simple as "And now, let's jump into our discussion of [topic].", followed by a sound effect.
  4. Main material
    • Background historical context
    • Describe your sources. Remember that listeners can't see the physical sources.
    • Connect your sources to the historical context.
  5. Recap
    • Cite your sources and tell listeners where they can go for additional information.
    • Closing music


Helpful Resources


Although smartphones and computers are capable of recording audio, we highly recommend you use an external microphone. There is one available for check-out at the Circulation Desk. If you do use a smartphone, PLEASE use a tripod with it. Those are also available at Circulation.

Podcast Hosting

There are many sites that offer hosting. We ask that you use SoundCloud. Note that you will need to create an account to be able to upload your podcasts. If you prefer not to use your UNK email, we recommend setting up a generic team email via Gmail or another service, and linking a SoundCloud to that.