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Getting Started With Library Search

Simple Search

Slide 1: Start Your Search

The search box default is set for searching the Calvin T. Ryan catalog. As you type your search a drop down will display additional search options. 

Basic Search 1

Slide 2: Almost Everything at UNK

If you just want to search the Calvin T. Ryan Catalog finish typing your search term then select the yellow magnifying glass or press enter on your keyboard. This will display items only from the Calvin T. Ryan Library.

Basic Search 2

Slide 3: Additional Search Options

After you enter your search you are still able to select additional search options that appeared before. If you want to search outside the Calvin T. Ryan catalog, choose a search option from the drop down menu and click on the magnifying glass icon.

Basic Search 3

Slide 4: Search NU Libraries

This example shows how search results change by switching the search option to Search NU Libraries. The results shown are from the University of Nebraska Lincoln and University of Nebraska Omaha.

Basic Search 4

Advanced Search Options

Slide 1: Select Advanced Search

The search for this example is Blue and Gold Day. Select Advanced Search options, located just right of the search bar, to view additional search options.

Advanced Search 1

Slide 2: Options Available

There are five Search Options available. Search Filters will allow you to narrow your search by options such as subject, title, or author.  You can also limit your search by Material Type, Date, Language

Advanced Search 2

Slide 3: Narrowing Your Search

In this example the search will be narrowed down to just items with Blue and Gold Day in the TItle and the Material Type is set to Video/Film.

Advanced Search 3

Slide 4: Search Results

The filters used in this example show that there is only one video titled Blue and Gold Day available at the Calvin T.  Ryan Library. The advanced search box will still be available so you can change your search options and conduct additional searches.

Advanced Search 4

Additional Search Tips

"   " Quotation Marks
Search for the exact phrase with quotation marks
example: "Blue and Gold Day"
OR Boolean
Include search terms with OR; exclude search terms with AND and NOT. (Use all caps for OR, AND, NOT). 
example: UNK or "University of Nebraska Kearney"
* Wildcards
Find all forms of a word with wildcards. ? matches a single character and * matches multiple characters. 
(Note: phrase searches cannot include wildcards, and you cannot used a wildcard at the beginning of a word).
example: antelop?
gene* therapy
(   ) Parentheses
Group related terms with parenthesis.
example: success and (education or employment)