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Getting Started With Library Search

Refine Your Results

Slide 1: Filters Available

The filters on the left-hand side of the screen allow you to limit your results by Availability, Date, Location, and more.


filter step 1

Slide 2: Select Filters

This example demonstrates a search for University of Nebraska Kearney, which returned around 364,000 results. The Availability filter will be used to demonstrate how to narrow down your search results. 

When you hover your mouse over one of the options it will be highlighted, a check box will appear to the left and a red checked box may appear on the right. 

Selecting the red checked box, if available, will remove that option from your search results. This example shows how to narrow a search to items in the library.

The box on the left will be selected.

filter step 2

Slide 3: Apply Selected Filters

After the box on the left is selected a pop up will display at the bottom or your screen. Select the Apply Filters button.

Slide 4: Results

This narrowed the search results to about 3,000 items. You can add additional filters to narrow your results even more.

filter step 4