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Getting Started With Library Search


Slide 1: My Favorites

A key feature in the new library system is ability to easily save searches and items in a My Favorites list. My Favorites is accessed by select the pin icon at the top right of the screen.

favorites 1

Slide 2: Saved Items

Saved Records is the default tab for the My Favorites account. Any records you have saved will be displayed in this list.

saved record

Slide 3: Save Query

To save a search simply enter your search term and view the results, then select Save query.

Slide 4: Save Query

A Saved Query will be listed under the Saved Searches tab.

View your saved searches by selecting the search query from your list, in this example the choices are Harry Potter, antelope and nebraska.

Additional options for your Saved Searches include creating an RSS feed or receiving notifications if there are changes to your search. Changes could include new items in the library or resources online.

The next slide will show a brief list of items from the Harry Potter Saved Search.

Slide 5: Saved Records

Items in your search results will have a gray background. Selecting the pin icon will save the item to your favorites list. Saved items will have a yellow background and the Pin icon will have a mark through it.

Slide 6: Keeping track of Records

In My Favorites, you can add labels to items you have saved, this will help you keep track of items if you have a long list. Permalink and Email are two of the immediate options available as well, more options can be viewed by selecting the ellipses (three dot) icon.

favorites 4

Slide 7: Save Search Histories

Your search history is not automatically saved. If you want to keep a record of a search you will need to go to My Favorites and select the Search History tab. You will need to click on the pin icon to save the search query, this will put a mark through the pin icon. This mark indicates that the search is saved.

favorites 6