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Getting Started With Library Search

Journal Search

Slide 1: Journal Search Page

The Journal Search page can be found in the navigation bar on the library homepage, go to Resources then select Journals.

From the Library Search Page the Journal Search at the top of the screen

Or follow this link: Journal Search

journals homepage

Slide 2: Search Options

Begin your search by entering a journal title or ISSN in the search box or by navigating the category options on the left side of the screen.

step 2

Slide 3: Title Auto Suggest

When you begin to type a journal title the search bar will make suggestions to aid you in your search. 

journal title search

Slide 4: Narrow Your Search

After you search by journal title the Availability options will be appear in the left column. When you place your cursor over one of these options a check box will appear to the left. If a red check box appears on the right this means you can remove that option from your results . If you make any changes you will need to click on the Apply Filters pop up at the bottom of the screen.

filter results

Slide 5: Journals by Category

The Journals by Category option contains fourteen different main categories. Most of these categories contain subcategories as well.. The example below shows the path for finding journals about Photography.  

Filtering results by Availability, as demonstrated in the Journal Title search, is not option when browsing Journals by Category.

narrowed search

Slide 6: Save Options

When you done with your search you can save the bookmark or save a direct link to a journal, email the journal information, or save the item to your favorites. To successfully save an item to your favorites list you need to be logged in to your account. Selecting the ellipses will display additional options.

save options