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Fairy Tales, Retold and Fractured : Tales from the Juvenile Literature Collections

Guide all about fairy tales, fairy tale retellings/reimaginings, and fractured fairy tales

Find More Fairy Tales!

The world is full of fairy tales...and so are the Juvenile Literature collections of the Calvin T. Ryan Library!  Fairy tales can be found in each of the three collections that comprise the Juvenile Literature collections...the main Juvenile Literature collection, the Big Book (or oversized children's books) collection, and the Juvenile Graphic Novels collection.  You may also find fairy tales in other collections of the library, such as the general Book Collection, the Kits, and even the CD and DVD collections (including some Disney retellings).

Search the Catalog!

To find more fairy tales, take a look at our catalog, via the "Library Search" box on this page or by clicking here.

Possible search terms you could use include:

  • the name of a particular fairy tale
  • Fairy Tales ("fairy tale" and "fairy tale*" also work...try all of these and see what you get!)
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • Grimm
  • Perault
  • Andrew Lang Fairy Book
  • for fairy tales from a specific country or region, type the name of the country/region into the search bar and add the word "folklore"...many fairy tales started off as folklore!
  • and many more!

Walk the Shelves!

Searching the catalog isn't the only way to find more fairy tales!  Our catalog is wonderful, but it can't tell you everything!  Sometimes the best way to find a fairy tale is to browse our physical collections!  Take a look through the books found in the areas of +PZ8 and +PZ8.1, as well as in anthologies found in +PZ5.  Additional fairy tales may be found in the folklore titles gathered in the +GR area.

What's in a Name?

Well, many fairy tales have been translated into various languages over the years.  On top of that, there have been a number of retellings published under entirely different titles!  Not all of these names are reflected in a catalog record or on a book jacket.  Don't be afraid to consult websites (such as Wikipedia or fairy tale related websites) or book reviews (including ones that can be found on Amazon or Goodreads) to figure out different titles to search for.  Just remember to use your best judgement and use those critical thinking skills...just because a story uses certain fairy tale motif or trope doesn't necessarily mean it's a retelling of a specific story!

Ask For Help!

Would you like some help locating more fairy tales? Please contact us if you have questions!