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Fairy Tales, Retold and Fractured : Tales from the Juvenile Literature Collections

Guide all about fairy tales, fairy tale retellings/reimaginings, and fractured fairy tales

Please note...

Many of these stories have also been considered "folktales" in their history.  Please check out our Folktales guide for more wonderful stories!

Welcome to the world of Fairy Tales!

Fairy tales have a rich and long history.  These stories can be found throughout all cultures and are often retold.  

This guide strives to be a starting point in your search for these stories.  As such. this guide does NOT include all of the fairy tales that can be found in the Juvenile Literature collections (including oversized children's books and graphic novels). 

To start exploring some of your favorite fairy tales, check out our collection of curated lists here!

Many more fairy tales can be found in the Juvenile Literature collections...more than this guide can hold!  You don't have to wait for a fairy godmother to help you find more just need to click the link below!

Also, please contact us if you have questions, would like additional assistance, or have a suggestion of another fairy tale to include on this guide.

New Spin on Fairy Tales From One of UNK's Own!

Dr. Janice Fronczak from the Theatre Program has tapped into her theatre experience and storytelling skills to create new monologues featuring various well-known characters.  Check these books out!