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Folktales Gathered From the World : Treasures Collected in the Juvenile Literature Collections

Guide for Folktale books in the Juvenile Literature Collection

Welcome to the world of Folktales!

Folktales have a rich and long history and can be found throughout all cultures.  Folktales take many different forms, including fables, tall tales, legends, and fairy tales, and are often retold and can be based on actual events.

This guide strives to be a starting point in your search for these stories.  As such. this guide does NOT include all of the folktales and their retellings that can be found in the Juvenile Literature collections (including oversized children's books and graphic novels). 

Also, the inclusion of titles on these lists are based primarily on information found in the catalog records.  As such, there may be other books that would fall into these categories on the shelves.  In addition, there may be titles that over time have been misattributed to different folklorists or cultures.  If you are using these titles for more than just pleasure reading, always make sure you do your research!

To start exploring some of your favorite folklore, check out our collection of curated lists here!

Many more folktales can be found in the Juvenile Literature collections...more than this guide can hold!  Click the link below to find more!

There are many folktales that take the form of "fairy tales".  We have so many of these in the Juvenile Literature Collections that Fairy Tales have their own guide!  Some titles may be found on this guide, but the Fairy Tales guide has SO much more!  Please check out our Fairy Tales guide for more wonderful stories!

Also, please contact us if you have questions, would like additional assistance, or have a suggestion of more folklore to include on this guide.

Please excuse the mess!

This guide is still growing!  While there may just be a few folktales gathered so far, there are many more to come!  Please keep checking back...and if you would like us to prioritize your favorite folktale, please contact us!

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