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Journal Articles in ASA Style

Periodical: General

Author1 (last name first), Author2 (last name last), and Author 3. Year of publication. "Article title." Journal Title Vol#(iss#):Page#.

Journal Article with One Author

Campbell, Mary E. 2009. "Multiracial Groups and Educational Inequality: A Rainbow Or a Divide?" Social Problems 56(3):425-446.

Journal Article with Two Authors

Mouw, Ted and Arne L. Kalleberg. 2010. "Occupations and the Structure of Wage Inequality in the United States, 1980s to 2000s." American Sociological Review 75(3):402-431.

Journal Article with Three or More Authors

Moller, Stephanie, Arthur S. Alderson, and Francois Nielsen. 2009. "Changing Patterns of Income Inequality in U.S. Counties, 1970-2000." American Journal of Sociology 114(4):1037-1101.

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Duke, Lynne. 1994. "Confronting Violence: African American Conferees Look Inward." Washington Post, January 8, pp. A1, A10.

Journal Article from an Online Resource with Page Numbers

Kramer, Lisa A. and Steph Lambert. 2001. "Sex-Linked Bias in Chances of being Promoted to Supervisor." Sociological Perspectives 44(1):111-127.

Journal Article from an Online Resource without Page Numbers

Lesser, Lawrence M. 2007. "Critical Values and Transforming Data: Teaching Statistics with Social Justice." Journal of Statistics Education 15(1). Retrieved January 25, 2011 (

Journal Article from an Online Resource with a Digital Object Identifer (DOI)

Pearson, A. Fiona. 2010. "Real Problems, Virtual Solutions: Engaging Students Online." Teaching Sociology 38(3):207-214. doi:10.1177/0092055X10370115.

For additional examples, see pages 46-51, 78, and 101-103 in the ASA's Style Guide (2010).

Books in ASA Style

Book: General

Author1 (last name first), Author2 (last name last), and Author 3. Year of publication. Book Title. Location of publisher, State or Country: Publisher's Name.

An ",eds." is appended to an author(s) entry to indicate the name(s) of editors.

If no date of publication is available, use N.d. in place of the date.

Book with One Author/Editor

Beeghley, Leonard. 2000. The structure of social stratification in the United States. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

Book with Two Authors/Editors

Lareau, Annette and Dalton Conley, eds. 2008. Social class: how does it work? New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Book with Three or More Authors/Editors

Scott, Jacqueline, and Rosemary Crompton, and Clare Lyonette, eds. 2010. Gender inequalities in the 21st century: new barriers and continuing constraints. Cheltenham, England: Edward Elgar.

Entire Book: Electronic Version

Feagin, Joe R. 2010. Racist America: Roots, Currentalities, and Future Reparations. New York: Taylor and Francis Routledge. Retrieved January 25, 2011 (

Chapter in a Book or Encyclopedia Entry.

Zambrana, Ruth E. and Victoria-Maria MacDonald. 2009. "Staggered Inequalities in Access to
Higher Education by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity." Pp. 73-100 in Emerging Intersections: Race, Class, and Gender in Theory, Policy, and Practice, edited by B.T. Dill and R.E. Zambrana. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Book with more than one edition

McCullagh, Peter and John A. Nedler. 1989. Generalized Linear Models.  2nd. ed.  London:
Chapman and Hall.

For additional examples, see pages 45-51, 77, 99-101, and 106 in the ASA's Style Guide (2010).

Websites and Audiovisual Sources in ASA Style

Website document retrieved from an institution at a known location.

American Sociological Association. 2006. "Status Committees." Washingon, D.C.: American Sociological Association. Retrieved July 10, 2010 (

Website document retrieved from an institution at an unknown location.

IBM. 2008. "2008 Annual Report." Retrieved January 25, 2011 (


American Sociological Association. 2004. Max Weber Visits America, 1904. DVD. Washington, D.C.: American Sociological Association.

For additional examples, see pages 79-82 in the ASA's Style Guide (2010).