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Social Work 440

Helpful links and search tips for SOWK 440 - Fundamentals of Research in Social Welfare

What is Zotero?

The Library subscribes to Zotero for unlimited storage for all UNK students, faculty, and staff.

A citation management tool helps you easily keep track of articles, both for individual and group projects. It also helps you produce your works cited page and incorporate in-text citations into your writing. 

Zotero provides documentation on how to use the tool, and many libraries and other users have created videos and troubleshooting guides - it is very easy to find information on how to use!


What to do if your Group Library doesn't show up in the app!

In Zotero, do the following:

Edit > Preferences > Sync

Ensure Sync is enabled - you will have to log into the Zotero account you set up. Ensure both of the File Syncing options are checked, and say OK.


Your group library should now show up!

Writing an Annotation

An annotation is your summary of a research article. It is about one paragraph long, and writing annotations is an excellent way to prepare to write your literature review and discuss articles with your group.

Your annotation should contain key information about the methodology and results of the research. 

What was the study about? What did the researchers find?

After that, include your own notes about the article.

How does this relate to my group's topic? Was there something surprising, or something I don't understand?


Getting Started

Using Zotero in Groups

Using Zotero in Microsoft Word