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PK-12 Textbooks

Find information about the PK-12 Textbook Collection here.

About the Collection

The Textbook Collection, located in the lower level of the Calvin T. Ryan Library, has PreK through 12th grade textbooks, covering many subject areas and representing many major textbook publishers.

Many readers referred to in these textbooks may be found in the Juvenile Literature collection.  Just search by the title in our catalog!

Know of a title we should have?  Please let us know!

Also, make sure to check the publisher's website...many textbook publishers now offer digital sampling!

What information can you find in the call number?

Call numbers are very helpful, and those in the Textbook Collection even more so! 

Normally, call numbers help you locate the book, but the call numbers on the items in the Textbook Collection also tell you such things as what grade the item is for, when it was published, and what kind of item it is!

Let me show you with a little example. 

Say that you are wanting to look for the textbook series Macmillan/McGraw-Hill TimelinksWhen you look in our catalog at a textbook series, you will see a call number that looks something like this:

# H95.M335 M335 2009  gr.2 v.9 (te) 

When you find the book, the call number will look like this:

What does the call number tell you?  Here are the most important things to know!

# ----> Any call number starting with a # are in the Textbook Collection

2009 ----> This particular textbook was published in 2009. 

gr.2 ----> This particular item is for Grade 2.  Some grades will have ranges, such as "gr.6-8" or "gr.9-12"

(te) ---->  This means this particular item is a teacher's edition.  Other common abbreviations include such things as (text) for the student textbook, (sr) for student resource, (ak) for answer key, (ts) for tests, and (wb) for workbook.

Each call number is unique, but what you have learned in this example can be applied to any of them.  And don't forget, you can always ask a staff member for help!

What does this area look like?

PreK- Grade 12 Textbook Collection

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