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Handy Topics in the Curriculum Department

Looking for a certain theme for items in the various collections in the Curriculum Department? Start here!

Leveled readers in the Juvenile Literature Collection

Many leveled readers can be found in the Juvenile Literature Collection.

While some complete sets can be found under the call number +PE 1119, many more or located throughout the entire Juvenile Literature collection.

Use these instructions to help you located others!

How to find leveled readers

Are you needing to find leveled readers in the Juvenile Literature collection?

These steps may help you!

1) Go to the library home page...

Library home page

2) Click on the "Advanced Search" link, located under the search box at the top of the page.

Advanced search image

This will take you to the "Advanced Search" page

Advanced Search page

3) Click on "Books, Media, & more at UNK"...

"Books, Media, & more at UNK" button

4) Click on the "Any field" menu and select "Subject" from the options...

"Any field" menu

"Select Subject" from dropdown menu

5) In the "enter a search term" field, type in "readers primary" (please note, you get slightly different results with and without quotation marks; this example uses quotation marks, but you don't have to...don't be afraid to experiment! ) and click the "Search" button...

Search terms field

Enter your search terms

6) You will now see your search results! 

Search results

If you want to sort these results, you can do so by publication date, title, and author...

Sort Search

You also have a variety of options for limiting your results, including by publication date...

date limiter

or location...

Limit by location

You can also see what other subjects these books have!  Clicking on one of these will narrow your search results to items that have BOTH the subject that you are searching for (in this example, that would be "readers primary") AND the subject that you just clicked on.

Additional subjects

You can also use these subjects to help you get ideas of other search terms to look for!

You can repeat these steps to search for other terms such as "Readers," "Readers (Elementary)," "Readers (Secondary)," "Readers Spanish," and more!

You can also do a title search (click on "Title" instead of "Subject") and search by series title if you have a specific set of readers for a textbook series that you are wanting to look for.  This also works for different leveled reader series names that different publishers use.

While these steps may not get you a complete list of leveled readers, it is a starting point!

If you need more assistance, please don't hesitate to ask!