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Handy Topics in the Curriculum Department

Looking for a certain theme for items in the various collections in the Curriculum Department? Start here!

Aldrich, Bess Streeter

Barker, Mary Libal

Bede, Mary Ann

Belschner, Marilyn

Bennett, Robin

Blanc, Esther Silverstein

Bock-Seshadri, Devi

Brakenoff, Kelly

Bringle, Jennifer

Bro, Margueritte Harmon

Chadwick, Robert

Chaney, Rebecca Long

Colburn, Faith A.

Estep, Irene

Gable, J. Harris

Glenn, Lori

Gomez, Rebecca J.

Grabher, Gina

Grassmeyer, Chris

Grassmeyer, Max

Gunderson, Harvey L.

Hamsa, Bobbie

Hansen, Ron

Hantula, Timothy James

Hendrich, Paula

Hisel, Evelyn B.

Hutchinson, James

Jackson, Charles Tenney

Jackson, George L.

Jones, Trevor

Joseph, Jennifer

Kalkowski, John

Kang, Lydia

Kripke, Dorothy K.

Kristoffersen, Eva Margaret Stiegelmeyer

Laughlin, Florence

Leatherwood, Matt

Mackay, Margaret Mackprang

Marshall, Helen Lowrie

McCabe, Sybil Anderson

McNeal, Tom

Murray, Theresa

Naff, Clay Farris

Osborne, Tom

Parker, Amber Dee

Parkman, Mary Rosetta

Parsons, Arthur H., Jr.

Phillips, W. S. (Walter Shelley)

Pierce, Robert

Richart, Colleen

Rumsey, Marian

Sears, Paul B. (Paul Bigelow)

Sikes, Jacob

Sikes, Mae

Sikes, Meyer

Sprague, Gretchen

Spriggs, Edyth E.

Standing Bear, Luther

Strait, Treva Adams

Teal, Val (Valentine)

Thacker, Nola

Thomas, Dorothy

Thornton, Shelly

Trampe, Kara

Treffinger, Carolyn

Whisenhunt, Donald W.

Wills, Daryl

Wimberly, Lowry Charles

This Handy Topic...

Will help you locate different books by authors and illustrators with ties to Nebraska that are located in the Juvenile Literature Collection and the Lower Level Graphic Novel Collection..

Please note, there are works by Nebraska authors and illustrators in different collections throughout the library that are not included on this list

This list needs your help!

We tried to make this list as comprehensive and complete as possible, but we're only human.

New books are being added to our collection all the time, so don't forget to use our catalog!

Are we missing someone or some of their works???  Did we include someone or a title by mistake???  

Please let us know!

Curriculum Associate