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Differentiated Instruction: Library Resources for Differentiating Instruction

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Instruction related materials

The library collections include materials related to instruction. Use the links below to execute a quick search over the catalog for relevant materials:

Articles about D.I. in higher education by subject


Watson, D., & Knight, G. L. (December 01, 2012). Continuous formative assessment and feedback in an enquiry-based laboratory course. Bioscience Education, 20, 101-105.

Computer Science:

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Konstantinou-Katzi, P., Tsolaki, E., Meletiou-Mavrotheris, M., & Koutselini, M. (2013). Differentiation of teaching and learning mathematics: An action research study in tertiary education. International Journal Of Mathematical Education In Science & Technology, 44(3), 332-349.

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Political Science:

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Teacher Education:

Joseph, S., Thomas, M., Simonette, G., & Ramsook, L. (2013). The impact of differentiated instruction in a teacher education setting: Successes and challenges. International Journal Of Higher Education, 2(3), 28-40.

Santangelo, T., & Tomlinson, C. (2008). The application of differentiated instruction in postsecondary environments: Benefits, challenges, and future directions. International Journal Of Teaching & Learning In Higher Education, 20(3), 307-323.

Library Resources for Differentiating Instruction

The library provides resources that may be of assistance when looking for ways to differentiate instruction to meet a variety of learning needs. Some of the types of resources are detailed below.

Not finding what you are looking for? Please contact the liaison librarian for the subject area! The library strives to be a resource for meeting the information needs of all students!

Films on Demand

  • With Films on Demand, add video content to your instruction;
  • Videos are closed captioned;
  • Many have transcripts which can be used as a navigation and search tool;
  • Put links to a movie in a Canvas session for a class (for example: Against the Odds)
  • Embed the movie in a Web page:

Journal Databases' Tools

EBSCOhost provides language translation and spoken word readings of html content (example:  Styles of thinking as a basis for differentiated instruction).


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