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Using Scopus to Support Your Research

This guide is intended mainly for faculty at UNK, but can also be utilized by students for assignments and in their work on research projects.

About Author Profiles

Scopus automatically creates author profiles via its harvesting algorithm.

This can lead to inaccuracies such as multiple profiles for the same individual researcher.

If you notice that you have multiple entries for yourself, you can submit a request to Scopus to merge the profiles and identify your current affiliation. 

You can also link your author profile to your ORCIDid.

More information about author profiles

Best Practices

After creating an ORCID ID and an account in Scopus, be sure to follow these steps:

Following these steps ensures the correct publications are linked to your author profile.


In addition, you can use sources other than Scopus to populate your ORCID ID with your scholarly works and more.

See more on ORCID IDs.