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Children's Magazines

Guide to the children's magazines available at the library


  • The Light Issue (Issue 7)
  • The Happy Issue (Issue 11)
  • The Explorers Issue (Issue 12)
  • The Green Issue (Issue 13)
  • The Awesome Issue (Issue 14)
  • The Confidence Issue (Issue 15)
  • The Kindness Issue (Issue 16)
  • The Daydreamer's Issue (Issue 17)
  • The Storytellers' Issue (Issue 18)
  • The Mystery Issue (Issue 19)
  • The DIY Issue (Issue 20)
  • The Big Issue (Issue 21)
  • The Wild Issue (Issue 22)
  • The Art Issue (Issue 23)

A little bit about...

Kazoo focuses on variety of general interest topics, and includes science experiments, puzzles, craft projects, word games, math teasers, simple cooking, stories, comics, and interactive activities, with a focus on girls, but can be read by anyone;

Curriculum Associate