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Psychology 270

Helpful links and search tips for PSY 270: Experimental Psychology

Key Databases in Psychology

These are great starting places for psychology research. If you're working on a topic that crosses disciplines, also consider searching some of the databases in those subject areas. You can find those on the A-Z list (use the Subjects dropdown to choose a subject). 

Finding Article Text - PsycInfo

This guide will walk ou through getting to the full text of an article from PsycInfo.

1. Below are three article results from PsycInfo. Each shows one scenario for finding full text of articles. 

a. Article 6, the middle one, is the most straightforward. If your article offers a HTML or PDF link, clicking on either one of those will take you to the full text of the article. 

b. Article 5 has a "Click Here to Check for Full Text" link. Click on that link. It will open a new tab. Jump to 2 for additional instructions. 

c. Article 7 shows an article the database doesn't think the library has. Repeat the steps in 1b first. If there are no results, click Request through Interlibrary Loan to get the item from another library. There is no charge for students, staff, or faculty.

List of article results, with red arrows by the means of finding full text

2. Article results will open in the main library interface, like below. Click on either the database name or the symbol next to it (both highlighted with green arrows). There may be multiple options under View Online. The content is the same; the formatting may be different.

NOTE: Sometimes database links will take you to the journal rather than the individual article. If that happens, you can use the citation to find the article. Look at the year, volume and issue in the citation, and use them to navigate to the article for which you're looking.

Library catalogue entry with green arrows pointing to the database title and the symbol

3. Download the article. This option will look different, and be in different places depending on the database. 

Finding Full Text