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Psychology 430

Helpful links and search tips for PSY 430: Memory and Cognition

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Need some help putting together searches or with other aspects of Psychology research? Check out our other Psychology tutorials or our Research Tips and Tricks tutorial.

Suggested Search Terms

One of the key tools available in PsycINFO is the thesaurus. Access it by clicking on "APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms" from the main menu.

 APA thesaurus of psychological terms


These "memory" and "distraction" related terms, among others, are listed in thesaurus:

  • attention
  • "attention span"
  • concentration
  • distraction
  • distractibility
  • "divided attention"
  • "focused attention"
  • "long term memory"
  • recall
  • retention
  • "selective attention"
  • short term memory

This list may help you get started, but is by no means complete! See this YouTube video to learn more about index terms and PsycINFO's thesaurus.

Search terms can be combined in PsycINFO's search form using Boolean operators, and limited to specific database fields, as in these examples:

(attention or distract* or concentration) AND (memory or recall or retention)

(attention or distract* or concentration) AND (memory or recall or retention)

Other Suggested Sources

Key Databases in Psychology

Recommended Books and E-Books on Memory

Checkout these titles or search UNK's Classic Catalog for works on memory AND attention.