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James E Smith Midwest Conference on World Affairs: Monday

Migration, Borders, and Identity: Monday

Session Speaker/s Resources
Justice for Migrants and All Working People

Mr. David Bacon

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Refugee Focus: The Palestinian Diaspora Mr. Tarek Abuata Vicente Pèrez, Michael. "Between Religion And Nationalism In The Palestinian Diaspora." Nations & Nationalism 20.4 (2014): 801-820. Political Science Complete

The Impact of the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Mr. Herbert Quelle Quelle, Herbert. "Impediments to Democratization and Human Rights Implementation in Post-Soviet States." Weatherford Center for International Affairs, Harvard University. 2014.
Getting to Know Our Muslim Neighbors

Ms. Batoul Rabaa

Ms. Izdehar Qaud

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Migration and Cultural Conflict: Minority and Majority Rights

Dr. Tom Farer

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Refugee Stories from Nebraska: A Local Perspective  

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Climate Change and Migration: An Existential Threat

Mr. Solo Mara

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Church and Community Outreach: Goals, Hopes and Questions Ms. Nancy Peek  
Growing up in the Shadow of the Border Mr. Rick Najera

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