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James E Smith Midwest Conference on World Affairs: Tuesday

Migration, Borders, and Identity: Tuesday

Session Speaker/s Resources
A World in Motion

Ms. Guadalupe Sánchez-Salazar

Mr. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi

Lee, Daniel E., and Elizabeth J. Lee. Human Rights And The Ethics Of Globalization. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost).
Europe and its Migration Challenge: What’s Next? Mr. Antoine Ripoll

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Building Bridges AND Walls: The Power of Open Source Design Mr. Brian M. Kelly Mosley, Jonathan, Rachel Sara, and Alastair Parvin. "Architecture (And The Other 99%): Open-Source Architecture And Design Commons." Architectural Design 6 (2013): 90. Academic OneFile.

European Perspectives

Dr. Božo Cerar

Ms. Heleen Bakker

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Documentary:  Journey into Europe  
Ahmed, Akbar. "Journey into Europe- Film Trailer." Journey into Europe. YouTube, 24 Aug. 2015.
Belonging in a New World: A Home for Refugees

Ms. Christa Yoakum

Ms. Tiffani Luethke

United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees. "What They Took With Them." YouTube, 12 Sept. 2016.
The Roots and Results of Migration: Views from Africa

Dr. Marjie Heier

Dr. Athanasius A. Ayuk

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Between Encampment and Integration: Germany’s Response to Europe’s “Refugee Crisis”

Dr. Nell Gabiam

Gabiam, Nell. "When 'Humanitarianism' Becomes 'Development': The Politics Of International Aid In Syria's Palestinian Refugee Camps." American Anthropologist 1 (2012): 95. Academic OneFile.
Immigration: Crisis or Opportunity? Regional Perspectives

Mr. Anupam Ray

Ms. Gisselle Castillo-Veremis

Sir Ronald Sanders

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