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Children's Magazines

Guide to the children's magazines available at the library

Looking for digital magazines?

A number of our magazines are now available thru the Flipster database...and some even have teacher's guides! 

Click on the link below and select the "Family and Kids" category or the "Teen" to see what is currently available.

Additional children's magazines can be found in databases such as these!

What does this area look like?

Current year/volume, located across from the end of the Curriculum Collection, near the stairwell

Current Children's Magazines

Previous volumes/years are located at the end of the Curriculum Collection

Older Children's Magazines


Audience: ages 3-6
Subjects: science, nature, technology, and the arts


Audience: ages 9-14
Subjects: theme-related; people, events, and ideas on American history


Audience: ages 9-14
Subjects: general interest; focus on good writing and art

Faces: people, places, and cultures

Audience: ages 9-14
Subjects: theme-related; world cultures, human diversity, respect for other cultures

Fun for Kidz

Audience: ages 5-13
Subjects: general interest; science experiments, puzzles, craft projects, word games, math teasers, simple cooking, interactive activities; different subject each issue

Highlights for Children

Audience: ages 2-12
Subjects: general interest; crafts, verse, short stories, puzzles

Humpty Dumpty's Magazine

Audience: ages 5-7
Subjects: general interest; emphasis on health; games, mazes, puzzles, crafts, recipes

Jack and Jill

Audience: ages 6-12
Subjects: general interest; emphasis on health, nutrition, fitness;stories, poems, mazes, word puzzles


Audience: focus on girls, ages 5-12 (but website says it can be enjoyed by all)
Subjects: general interest; stories; games; recipes; interviews; experiments; activities;

Ladybug: the magazine for young children

Audience: ages 3-6
Subjects: general interest; stories, poems, songs, games


Audience: ages 9-14
Subjects: wide variety from art to zoology; sponsored by Smithsonian magazine

National Geographic Kids

Audience: ages 8-14
Subjects: natural history, science, outdoor adventure


Audience: ages 9-13
Subjects: nature, science, animals, technology; stories, games, science experiments

Ranger Rick

Audience: ages 6-12
Subjects: nature, environment, outdoors; animal stories, how-to articles, riddles, crafts

Ranger Rick Jr.

Audience: ages 4-7
Subjects: nature and conservation; animals

Scout Life

Audience: focus on boys, ages 7-18
Subjects: general interests, news, sports, nature, history, fiction, etc.

Spider: the magazine for children

Audience: ages 6-9
Subjects: stories, poems, activities; forster a love of reading

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Audience: ages 8+
Subjects: sports, stories, legens, puzzles, activities

About the magazines

The Curriculum Department of the Calvin T. Ryan Library has a number of children's magazines available to check out.  These magazines are published for children, but are a good resource for lesson plans, as well.  In addition to this, they are also beneficial for people who are learning the English language.

On this page, you will find a list of all of the children's magazines that the department subscribes to.  The physical copies for the current year/volume can be found near the Curriculum Meeting Room, with the physical copies of the back issues we have being located at the end of the nearby Curriculum Collection.

Included for each title is a link to the physical holdings at the library, links to Electronic Resources information (if applicable) for each title, a link for the magazine's website (if applicable), as well as broad subject areas and recommended audiences for each title.

Curriculum Associate