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Library Research Tutorial: Adapted from Canvas Course

This Research Guide runs through the same information as the Library Tutorial course in Canvas. Use this guide to quickly access that information without needing to log into Canvas, and use it as a refresher for the main points in the Canvas tutorial.

Define a Topic

This portion of the guide provides information on brainstorming and narrowing a topic. Because most papers you write will have fairly open prompts, or no prompt at all, it's important to know how to generate your own topic. Using lists and/or mind mapping, along with questions and databases, can help you concoct a research topic. 

Plan a Search

Once you have your topic, it's time to plan your search. As you search, your topic may shift; that's okay. Be open and flexible. Remember: the research process is fluid and moves back and forth between steps. This section of the guide provides instruction regarding turning a research question into a list of key terms and then creating search strings using those terms.