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Library Research Tutorial: Adapted from Canvas Course

This Research Guide runs through the same information as the Library Tutorial course in Canvas. Use this guide to quickly access that information without needing to log into Canvas, and use it as a refresher for the main points in the Canvas tutorial.


What if UNK doesn't have a book on your research topic? A "super-catalog" called WorldCat allows you to search across millions of books from libraries around the world. You can directly access WorldCat at, with no UNK login required. You will also find links to WorldCat in the "W" list of the Library's "Articles & Databases." 

screenshot showing the WorldCat search interface with the sample search "george norris" in the search bar

On-campus students could search WorldCat for books at other libraries and then use interlibrary loan to request those books be mailed to UNK. More information about interlibrary loan is detailed later in this guide. 

Online/Distance students could search WorldCat to find books on their research topics at libraries close to them.